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The Sambhaav Group

Sambhaav Group, stands for singular commitment to the highest professional ideals.

Equal – Balanced
Feelings – Attitude
A balanced attitude

Nila Infrastructures Limited is one of Gujarat’s leading companies engaged in turnkey civic urban infrastructure development as well as real estate development is not only an integral part but also a flagship unit of the Sambhaav Group of Companies. Rooted into an intense culture of corporate governance, transparency, technology and innovation, and with a highly impressive portfolio in the urban infrastructure space, Nila Infrastructure Limited has always remained a pride factor to the Sambhaav Group.

The Sambhaav Group of Companies

The Silver Jubilee year of Sambhaav Media Limited marks both the commencement of new initiatives as well as carvingout defining lines of some of the most glorious chapters of the Group. While the 25 progressive years in the history of the company witnessed how actions of the Group spoke louder than words, the ever evolving content brought in new waves of perception as well asmajor changes in the mindset of its readers by adhering to objective, unbiased and the true spirit of journalism. The Group’s endeavors during this span of time, witnessed many transformations particularly in the field of corporate governance and corporate strategies wherein, initiating change through engaging events became a game changer.

There is more to life in this fast paced world today, where what is socially and culturally relevant today, metamorphoses into a different context altogether. Thus the completion of 25 years of empowered thinking and corporate evolution marks the beginning of yet another era of the Group that exemplifies the urge to be receptive to social, political, cultural and technological changes.

The Sambhaav Media Limited product mix comprises of four thought invigorating products that act like distinct quadrants of the Company, thereby rendering a complete 360 degree perspective to the various segments of the media industry.